Work your dreams they will take you places you never imagined

It’s October 2018 and I recently had a facebook memory from October 2013 that read be inspired, be encouraged, be motivated to live your dreams out loud. All I could do was thank my 2013 self. See 5 years ago I was still in a dark place…I’ll tell you why later…but for now…this 2018 me is a Podcaster, On air radio talent, small business owner and it all happened in the last 3 MONTHS…can you say #WINNING..oh I have my own website too. I have so much to share and I hope you will journey with me back in time, in the present and in the future, It’s the iamTANTATE time machine. We have things to catch up on, places to go and people to meet. I am on a mission and my vision is 20/20. This “TEA” will be good, better than good …anyone seen the little green frog…tell him to move over because iamTANTATE is in the house with the “TEA”. I am inspiration, motivation and encouragement. I also have the tea :-)…guess I should tell you TEA is actually T.E.A (Touch Each Area), that is my plan to leave my foot prints an touch on all the things that matter…life, love, disappointments…death and so much more. These things have a major impact on a brand…I know it did my brand.

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