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The Podcast

Podcast Show Host


Tan's personal mission is to be a leader of inspiration, motivation and encouragement.  Being a change catalyst for others  resulting  in colossal success for their way of living, through innovative solutions and creative ideas. Follow me (Tan Tate) at and stay connected with the latest episodes. Also listen on Spotify, Soundcloud, Tumbler and iTunes!

The Brew


Every episode is inspirational your cup is filled with wisdom, practical principles and refreshes the hope within you.  Each topic has its own motivational message. The encouragement often leaves a smile on your face and wanting more. Most of all you have an awaking in you, a call to action.

Why Sip


I know what devastation feels like, what it can do to you.  My journey,  the tragedies  elevated me to my purpose.  I was born anointed to speak. Sip so you too, can conquer life  and be your best, your most favorite  BRAND. It only happens when you are living your dreams, purpose and destiny. Let me help you.


Get Inspired Motivated & Encouraged

It's Not Over

A message of HOPE to finis strong