Fueled by H.O.P.E She Speaks

Fueled by H.O.P.E
She Speaks

Messages of H.O.P.E

Tan is on a personal mission to inspire, motivate and encourage all she meets. To bring H.O.P.E (Help Others Prevail Everyday). Her messages are crafted to do just that. She brings hope through her spoken words. Her words have the ability to bring a shift in the atmosphere, to provoke change in thought and behavior. Tan believes where the seed of hope is planted life will grow.

More than a Speaker

Tan is a survivor of Domestic Violence, Divorce, the Death of her only daughter , and Rape. She discovered purpose in the pain and found triumph in the tragedies. As a speaker, she shares through her messages love, understanding, information, best practices, guidance, success , and a desire to be a Change agent. Helping Others Prevail Everyday.

Hire Tan to Speak

Bring H.O.P.E to your event! Contact us for pricing…your audience is waiting on Tan! Inspiration, Motivation , and Encouragement are the change you’ve been waiting on.