Confessions of a Focusholic

My focus on my priorities is unwavering…is this a true statement?

Once I took a writing course and the professor told me that I had used the “I” to many times and to consider either removing it or replacing it…today I’m throwing that out the window you will find many I’s below…the ability to focus is often very challenging…using the I helps with perspective and reminds you of what it is you need to do.  

I start each day with a clear list of priorities. I avoid any confusion in my day by understanding what I want to accomplish before my feet hit the floor. My focus on these items is consistent and persistent. I know how to focus on what matters. I know how to avoid allowing my focus to shift to distractions. I can place my attention on whatever I choose and keep it there with ease. My focus is under my command. I can focus at will.

I also understand my priorities over the long-term. I keep these priorities in mind as I plan my days, weeks, months, and years. I am able to focus on my long-term priorities as easily as I focus on short-term priorities.

It is easy and relaxing for me to focus. Putting my attention on one thing is much easier than scattering my focus on several things. I accomplish much more when I focus on a single task.

Being focused on my priorities is more enjoyable than any other alternative.

Today, I focus on what matters most to me. I avoid distractions. My focus on my priorities is absolute. I am a highly focused person, and I am demonstrating that fact today. My focus is unwavering.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my short and long-term priorities? Are they clear in my mind?
  2. What are the biggest distractions in my life? How can I best manage them?
  3. Have I considered how my diet and sleep patterns affect my ability to focus for long periods of time?

If you are stuck answering any of the self reflection questions, I’d love to hear from you…2021 is your year BUT you will have to put in the work.  To achieve your goals this year you will need to become a Focusholic, the above confessions will get you started, repeat them as often as needed and be sure your actions align with what you are speaking.   One of my favorite scriptures I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me Philippians 4:13, it sets the tone for my focus. Be encouraged and know that God can’t fail…what ever that goal is you can reach it! Now go focus on purpose.

The H.O.P.E Coach (Helping Others Prevail Everyday), Tan Tate is a Certified Life Coach from the Houston area and the host of Tea Time with Tan Podcast (available on all podcast platforms), The Hope Show a life skill show available on Facebook, Looking for Hope we got you.

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