Change Your Life Today

Change Your Life Today: No Charge

Put your money away. There’s no need to shell out a dime to change your life today. The smallest changes with a nonexistent price tag can increase your happiness tenfold and result in an increased quality of life immediately. 

Try these suggestions to change your life today – no strings attached: 

1. Start a blog. It may seem silly, but blogging has changed thousands of lives. Blogging provides you with a platform to be heard and admired, while you make new friends. On your blog, all of your thoughts are heard. Create a blog today using one of the many free services available online such as

· Snag a template for your blog that suits your personality by searching one of the many free blog template or theme websites online. Many professional web designers offer free blog templates in exchange for carrying a link to their website.

· Blog about your hobby. Cooking, crafting, decorating, and fashion are all hobbies with a large blogging community. In addition, racing, fantasy football, and self-development are also equally popular in the blogging world.

· The easiest way to enrich your blog is to add photos. Add photos of your daily life or your hobbies. However, blur out all personal information (e.g. house number in the background of a photo) in pictures to protect your privacy. 

2. Make the cut. Change your life in a matter of minutes by simply removing negative influences from your life. Those who bring negativity into your life, cause harm to you or your family, or make you feel uneasy should be chopped from your mental priority list immediately.

· Life is too short to wait around for unmotivated people to change their character. Some people only intend to channel negative energy. Keeping them around will only make the burdens, worries, and sadness in your life heavier. 

· Choose on a case-by-case basis the best approach to take with each person. Some may benefit from hearing the truth and may hopefully realize your point of view. Others will simply be too stubborn to cooperate. The only person you can control is you. You may have to remove them from your life.

3. Tend to your health. Maintaining a healthy weight makes you less susceptible to a myriad of health issues. You’ll also look good, feel good, and increase your confidence by maintaining a healthy weight. Start changing your body today by becoming more active. 

· Do it now. Why wait until tomorrow? Changing your life starts with this one simple step. Therefore, refrain from depriving your health the benefits of leading an active lifestyle any longer.

· Dust off your old tracksuit and go for a brisk walk around the park. Even if you haven’t been active for quite a long time, a brisk walk is gentle enough, yet potent enough, to make a difference in your weight if followed regularly.

· Get into the outdoors. It’s far more inspiring and rejuvenating to exercise in the great outdoors when compared to staring at the blank grey walls of a crowded gym.

As you can see, changing your life can require an action as simple as creating an account with or going for a walk in the park. The one thing required in all of the tips mentioned above is consistency.

If you simply start a blog, tell a friend that you’re parting ways, or exercise without any real consistency, you won’t experience a significant change. Start changing your life today and remain consistent for lasting results. If you want it, chase it; taking the first step can change your life forever!  Hebrews 11:1 tells us how important Hope is…what ever your hoping for do your part…it starts with you!

Tanye Tate is a Certified Life Coach (The HOPE Coach) her passion is Helping Others Prevail Everyday, she is also the host of the podcast Tea Time With Tan (tea good for the mind body and soul) available on all platforms.  Connect with her on all social media platforms @thehopecoach.  Be inspired, motivated and encouraged!

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