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Helping Others Prevail Everyday

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Helping Others Prevail Everyday....

The H.O.P.E & Conflict Transformation Coach

Tan is the CEO and owner of TanTate Innovative Solutions Inc. and founder of Luby’s House of Hope 501c non-profit organization, she is a Certified Master Life Coach, with over 25 years of Professional Leadership, personal and performance coaching. Author of the ebook “Coping with Change” and an Inspirational Speaker. Tan influences others to change. Her passion is H.O.P.E (Helping Others Prevail Everyday), she strategically focuses on Mother/Daughter relationships and Conflict Transformation the mission is to see her clients thrive and flourish in everyday living. Her passion is with 20/20 clarity for them to see the best in themselves and be their best. Through creative and innovative solutions she provides guidance, resources , and tools. These strategies along with your commitment yield a great ROI (Return on Investment). You are your biggest investment, what’s in it for you…glad you asked for unlimited success and unwavering HOPE, Hebrews 11:1 tells us Now faith is the evidence of things unseen and HOPED for…it all begins with HOPE.

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Inspirational Speaker

Your audience is waiting on a voice that will inspire, motivate and encourage. To be filled with energy, drive, excitement , and HOPE. Tan has spoken at the Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas , and other platforms. She has amazing true personal stories filled with triumph and hope. She inspires, motivates , and encourages through her spoken words.

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Helping Others Prevail Everyday…is the mission of iamtantate. Be sure to check out the Tea Time With Tan Podcast Show, Rolling with the Tate’s Podcast Show , and the Get In The Game Facebook live show. Also, take advantage of the
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