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Tan Tate is...


A certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Podcaster, Host of Tan's Take Radio Show and Change Enthusiast. Through effective communication, innovative solutions and creativity Tan influences others to change. With 20/20 clarity to see the best in themselves and be their best. With her personal story of tragedy to triumph  she uses it to fill H.O.P.E (Help Others Prevail Everyday) in the lives of all she encounters. 


With valuable, relatable tools and resources Tan is known for motivating others to discover and live out loud their dreams,  destiny and purpose. She believes everyone should know and be their most favorite brand.


Tan's life journey has thrown her unimaginable tragedies. She has mastered the art of encouragement. She is a colossal leader of support, hope, positivity, inspiration, motivation, change agent and encouragement. Tan is her most favorite BRAND!

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